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Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are so common it is almost an inevitable result from stretching of the growing tummy and the skin around it. They appear as thin pink or purplish streak like lines on the surface of the skin, on the tummy area, hips, thighs and bottom area and can also affect the breast area. They [...]

Winter – That Time of the Year Again…

Throwing back my hair onto the cold crisp pillow after a sweet glass of Merlot welcomes the eagerly anticipated extra hour of sleep. The approaching of daylight saving comes as a bliss in the chaotic end of year celebration periods. However this godsend hour is not to be taken for grant, for the horrors of [...]

Understanding your skin type

People often wonder what type of skin they have when they are buying skin care products, it is important to be able to recognise your skin type in order to buy the right products that will be effective in treating your skin type. Here is an easy to understand guideline to help you do just [...]

Eco Cleaning What’s all the fuss

Being a working mother of two, I always found it convenient using one of the extremely colourful cleaning products with impressive acclaims like many of us trying to juggle our jobs with managing our homes. Until one Saturday morning I was busy using one of these products whilst my two year old son was entertaining [...]

Anti-aging manicure

Beautiful young looking hands are what all us women want, and it’s all about starting the age prevention steps now, your hands are a sure giveaway of your age, no matter how lovely and young looking the skin on your face is!
Here is a step by step easy to follow guide, just for you.
Soak your [...]