BB Creams and CC Creams…Which one is right for you?

Since the arrival of BB creams and CC creams on the market our beauty regimes have been changed forever and for the better!!! If you haven’t tried them then now is the time to pick one up. They are the super all-in-one products that work wonders for beautiful skin. The BB cream has been around [...]

Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are so common it is almost an inevitable result from stretching of the growing tummy and the skin around it. They appear as thin pink or purplish streak like lines on the surface of the skin, on the tummy area, hips, thighs and bottom area and can also affect the breast area. They [...]

What is Gluten?

Many people may have heard about gluten in daily life, but most do not know that gluten is in fact a mixture of proteins. It is found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Gluten is the substance that gives dough its elasticity as well as helping it to rise while cooking giving the [...]

Winter – That Time of the Year Again…

Throwing back my hair onto the cold crisp pillow after a sweet glass of Merlot welcomes the eagerly anticipated extra hour of sleep. The approaching of daylight saving comes as a bliss in the chaotic end of year celebration periods. However this godsend hour is not to be taken for grant, for the horrors of [...]

Why are Wooden Toys better for Children?

One day I came across an article discussing possible toxic poisoning from reusing mineral water bottles, as I turned to look at my daughter wilfully chomped on her toys alarm bells started to ring. If bottles purposely made as containers for water can be potentially toxic, perhaps there caution should also to be had in plastic toys [...]